St. Lucie Taxpayers against Tax Funding of Planned Parenthood Picket CSC Meeting

Thursday morning, June 9, St. Lucie Taxpayers against Tax Funding of Planned Parenthood will again picket (7:30 a.m.) and speak at the Children’s Services Council (CSC) meeting (8:30 a.m.). As you may know, the CSC has been funding Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars to the tune of over $500,000 per year for a total of more than $3,000,000; however, the CSC is putting the programs out for bid and may defund Planned Parenthood. We suspect there is going to be a huge PP presence both in picketing and speaking, as financially they have a great deal at stake if they do not get the bid.

We really need people to show up!!!!

Taxpayers picket Children's Services Council for Giving Tax Dollars to Planned Parenthood

STOP Funding Planned Parenthood!

Our picketing will be concentrated on the east and west corners of University Blvd, at California and University and at Peacock and University. Parking will be in the usual place.

Please consider speaking. It’s easy to speak for 3 minutes – you can read what you have written to the board members. The web sites to get information for a short speech are the Stop Planned Parenthood web site and the Expose PP site, – Go to “Get the Facts” section.

Three of the board members were not at the meeting last month, so we need to let them hear our voice again. We feel it’s very important to keep up the pressure.

At the CSC meeting Sean Boyle is going to outline the procedures of putting out the bidding, open to application from June 13.

Other good organizations are planning to apply, who will give the CSC some other choices to take the place of Planned Parenthood.

Continue to PRAY that PP gets $0.0 funding!

And again thank you so much for your support.

Keep on keeping on!

See St. Lucie Taxpayers against Planned Parenthood Funding to Picket CSC Meeting

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